Monday, July 23, 2007

Adding Options...

Hello, everyone!

When adding sites, what's the difference between the following two options:

Include all pages whose address contains this URL
(and then adding **
)[extract linked pages] [extract linked partial sites] [extract linked sites] )


Dynamically extract links from this page and add them to my search engine
(and then adding

Are they the same thing?



Amy said...

Dynamic extraction is a new feature. There is some info about it on the page at If I understand correctly, it will scan the page you are adding AND add sites linked by the site to our list of sites searched. Pretty cool if you presume the sites we are adding were thorough in evaluating their links. The feature isn't retroactive, so if you want to include links from a site you already added, you will need to do it in your sites included list.

Erin said...

In other words, the first option will include all other PBS pages, i.e., pages that have a URL of (anything) The second option will include all URLs that are included as hyperlinks on the page (e.g., if the PBS page includes a hyperlink to, then would also get added to the list of search sites).

Potentially great feature when working with sites that evaluate their links well, as Amy said. The downside could potentially appear with sites containing less authoritative links, sites where users can contribute content that might not be verified, etc.